While breakfast changes daily, some of the NOMS you will come across at kitch'inn may include...
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'innScotchy Scotch Scotch! Try our Whiskey porridge with local Glen Breton Whiskey and toppings that range from sweet to savoury! A kitch'inn favourite!
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'innWe take coffee VERY seriously. We partnered with Quest Coffee, a local roaster in Bridgewater and use only the best organic beans!
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'inn Local double smoked bacon and lobster quiche with our infamous side - The "F Monsanto" salad. It's always organic, and right from our garden in season!
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'inn A simple (local) egg and mushroom quiche with house herbed goat cheese, mixed greens and harissa infused glaze.
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'inn
House baked croissants, rhubarb tarts, scones...You never know what kind of sweet bit will appear with your breakfast, but it will be delish!
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'inn
Apple tart. This little beauty is so bloody good there is really nothing else to say.
gourmet bed and breakfast, Kitch'inn
Ok, maybe it's not what YOU have for breakfast (don't judge us). There is an ever rotating libation on our menu...from Port to Local Whiskey to a funky Lunenburg liqueur there is always something interesting in the decanter.